8 Top Places To Find Stylish Hats For Women

Hats for women are everywhere, and boy, are we happy. What better way to express yourself, hide a bad hair day, and look amazingly gorgeous all at the same time. (Bad hair day not required. ;)) But even though you see hats everywhere you look these days, how do you find one for yourself? We found these amazing places to buy stylish women’s hats in various styles and price points. (We did all the work!) Stylish and fun, sophisticated and flirty, the best women’s hat styles are all here. So find your favorite fedora, a big sun hat, or nab a good newsboy. Let’s shop for hats!




Where To Buy Hats For Women



We’re starting off our list with Shopbop. They have quite a good selection, a really wide variety of women’s hat styles and sell some of the more somewhat pricier, popular hat brands! You’ll find ‘Lack Of Color’, ‘Freya’, ‘Janessa Leone’ and ‘Gigi Burris’ among many other top women’s hats. Our link goes to the main hats page. Use their filter to narrow your search.  |  Shop This Store


Anthropologie Hats

We love some of the stylish hats that Anthropologie offers. Not as big a selection of women’s hats as other stores,  but quite a few that we would love to have in our closet! Pricing is in the medium range. Anthropologie has a few boater hats that are to die for! Check them out.  |  Shop This Store


Red Dress Boutique Hats For Women

Red Dress Boutique has lots of great felt hats and other different types of hats for women. Love the pink rancher hat in the photo below. Absolutely gorgeous! They have many other ladies dress hats as well. We’d have to say pricing is in the medium range.  |  Shop This Store


Free People Hats

We just love the selection over at Free People! They carry everything from crochet and stylish felt hats to summer hats, beach hats and sun hats for women and some pretty cool big hats as well, like wide brim hats. Even some newsboy caps and lieutenant caps. Low to medium pricing. Free People is one of our all around favorites!  |  Shop This Store



Our most affordable on the list! ASOS has some really inexpensive and different types of hats for women. Baker boy caps, boater hats, straw and summer hats and berets. If you’re on a budget, this is where we’d go!  |  Shop This Store


GiGi Pip Women’s Hats

Here’s another store that’s definitely on the top of our list. Looking for some really stylish hats for women? Well GiGi Pip has some for you! You must check them out. There’s so many gorgeous different types to choose from. Styles include wide brim sun hats, straw hats, felt hats, caps, berets, fedoras, boaters and more. GiGi Pip hats are designed right here in the U.S. and sourced from materials around the world. Medium pricing.  |  Shop This Store


LuLus Hats For Women

When we were looking where to buy hats, we came across LuLus and were pleasantly surprised with their wide selection and great prices! They offer stylish women’s designer hats under their own label and a few from popular hat brands, ‘Brixton’ and ‘Lack Of Color’. Low to medium pricing. Check them out.  |  Shop This Store


Bohemian Mama

Well, we saved the best for last! Unfortunately, probably the most expensive on the list. But you get what you pay for, right? Bohemian Mama offers a huge selection from popular hat brand ‘Lack Of Color’ and also quite a few from the stylish hats from ‘GiGi Pip’ along with a few others as well. Priced from medium to high, you must visit Bohemian Mama.  |  Shop This Store

Women’s hats should be hanging in every girls closet, and these stores are the best places to buy them. Use them to top off the perfect look. Add some great shoes, a touch of trendy jewelry, and you can take any look from boring to beautiful! So we hope you enjoyed our post on where to buy hats for women. We think you would also love our posts on  Would Short Hair Look Good On You? Easy Trick to Tell! and Cupshe Swimsuit Review – Drop Dead Gorgeous Bathing Suits under $30! With your new stylish hat and your swimsuit, your ready for your very own DIY Stock Tank Pool!

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