DIY Terrazzo Inspired Projects Anyone Can Do

If you’ve never heard of terrazzo, time to put your learning cap on. What is terrazzo? Terrazzo is a composite material first used in the 15th century in Italy, and most famously used in our country in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. Primarily a flooring material in the past, it is a composite made of marble, quartz and even glass chips poured with a concrete or epoxy binder. It is then ground and polished until smooth, while the aggregate is exposed in the surface of the material. Once considered a luxury, it has been making a come back. Big time. While it’s often linked to Mid Century Modernism, it is a timeless and elegant material that is used in such grand places as the Guggenheim Museum and famous landmarks such as the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And now, you can use inspiration from terrazzo floors and tiles to make cool trending DIY projects perfect for the home!




DIY Terrazzo Projects

Let’s start out with this DIY faux terrazzo table from ‘Sugar & Cloth‘. They have a how to video for this extremely easy project that can be finished in an afternoon! We love the Mid Century inspired legs.


Try your hand at oven baked clay with these DIY terrazzo planter pots from ‘Persia Lou‘. Step by step instructions and photos, this is an easy crafting project with such a pretty result!

DIY Terrazzo Inspired Projects Anyone Can Do


This faux terrazzo breakfast table is the perfect example of a project that can really up your style game! From ‘The Sorry Girls‘, they share their “fails” before they came up with this simple method for creating the terrazzo look!


Now that we’ve got you hooked, try this DIY wall mural from ‘House on a Sugar Hill’!

DIY Terrazzo Inspired Projects Anyone Can Do


This DIY table over at ‘Martha Stewart‘ uses the more traditional elements for this craft. Crushed glass chips, cement and an Ikea table make this project look like real terrazzo tile!


Here is another faux terrazzo project using oven baked clay. From ‘Curbly‘, we love these colorful DIY coasters!


Oh Joy‘ updated a simple wood table with faux terrazzo they made from adhesive contact paper. Talk about super simple!


We are in love with these DIY concrete book ends! From ‘Fall for DIY‘, she has a complete step by step tutorial with lots of photos. Fun project with a lot of payback for little effort! Details count, people!


This sophisticated DIY terrazzo table is the real deal. Made with broken ceramic tiles and cement, this one looks about as real as you can get without heading to the marble quarries in Italy. Full tutorial over at ‘Remodelista‘.


This terrazzo inspired planter from ‘Enthralling Gumption‘ is simply paint! I would love to have this on the shelves in my office.


Use plaster of Paris and mosaic glass to create this one of a kind wall clock. This is more like wall art! Complete instructions at ‘Apartment Therapy‘.


Now just for fun, let’s check out this terrazzo inspired soap you can make from ‘Pretty Life Girls‘ . This is an oatmeal based soap with essential oils, so it’s good for your skin too. Imagine this in your guest bath!


Even more fun inspiration, try these DIY chocolate bars from ‘Aww Sam‘. Of course, this project is made with candy chips instead of glass!

DIY Terrazzo Inspired Projects Anyone Can Do

So we hope you jump on the terrazzo train with us and try one of these DIY projects! Now jump right on over to our posts on DIY Area Rugs and Cool & Classy DIY Coasters! For more colorful decorating ideas, check out DIY Mod Podge Projects over at TBD!

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