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I have a thing for photo art… it was what I went to college for and a long unused and missed talent. So when I ran across these DIY photo mural projects, I was really intrigued. What a cool way to make an instant statement in a room, and instead of just buying some nice pic that you like, you can totally make it your own. And make it huge! If you have a boring room that needs some oomph, these are the projects for you. Then I found a few mural art projects that also couldn’t be ignored, so I threw them in!




Our featured photo above is from a company called Customized Walls. You can upload your own photo and have them print a peel and stick fabric mural! Really cool idea!

From ‘Wit and Whistle’, Amanda created this DIY photo mural from smaller prints put together to make one large image… Totally transformed her husbands office!



‘The Band Wife’ made this amazing Snow Leopard Mural from engineering prints! I like how she gives great tips on how to hang this like walloper, including how to get the bubbles out. Wow!



This personalized wall photo mural by HGTV also uses engineering prints, and they show you some good tips on resizing the photos within a photo editing program.



‘The Granny Girls’ made a DIY photo mural for less than $50, and theirs is temporary, so it’s great for renters or those who don’t want to fully commit a whole wall. And they show you how to add a logo onto your mural!



Create a wall mural with an overhead projector, just like ‘Design Mom’ did for her teenage son! She did this for less than $20, with no art skills.



Want to get even more creative? Apartment Therapy brings us a step by step for this string wall mural, made by Kathryn Anderson of KAndeArt.



This DIY cork board wall mural by Vintage Revivals is really a wonderful piece of art. She shows you just how she did it, and how you can do this too! Great tips, including where to find your image, and how to get cork board cheaper.

Little Girls Creative Bedroom @ Vintage Revivals[2]


Finally, if you really want to be inspired, try out this DIY paint by number mural by Katie’s Pencil Box. There are several of these out there, and they obviously take a lot of time, but what an amazing way to personalize your home, especially a childs room.  Check out Katies, then check out the one at The Lettered Cottage as well!



Image Credits: HGTV, Customized Walls, Wit and Whistle, The Band Wife, Granny Girls, Design Mom, Apartment Therapy, Vintage Revivals, Katie's Pencil Box, The Lettered Cottage


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