16 DIY Geometric Wall Design Ideas and Accent Walls

A geometric accent wall is a wall decorated to be a bold and fresh focal point of the room. It will add pattern, color, style and design in a big way, for just a little money.  You can add an accent with various p

A geometric wall design used on an accent wall will add pattern, color, style, and design in a big way, for just a little money.  Create a focal point in your room or keep it subtle with geometric shapes in a monochrome color palette. The choice is yours! There are many easy ways to create fun geometric wall patterns using simple methods and tools like painter’s tape, a paint roller, or even just Washi tape.

Geometric Accent Walls vs Solid Color Accent Walls

If you’re exploring the idea of an accent wall, you might find yourself debating whether a geometric pattern or a solid color is better for your space. Ultimately, it’s totally up to you! But in general, there are a few guidelines that can help you make the best choice. 

If you have a large wall, a geometric accent may end up looking too busy – either choose subtle patterns or go with a cohesive color scheme not to far off from the rest of the room’s color. Similarly, if you have a wall in a room that’s already got various patterns featured in it, a geometric accent wall might make your space feel more cluttered and hectic. 

On the other hand, a solid color accent wall can easily get lost if it’s just in a small section, and might not bring the bold effect you’re looking for. 

At the end of the day, it’s up to your own personal decor style and the room feel you’re going for. Love eclectic style? You may love the look wall murals in any pattern, paired with bold colors and funky decor. Trying to keep it clean and minimalst? Consider a modern design using crisp lines and natural color scheme. In either case, a geometric accent wall can help add depth, texture, and color to your otherwise bare walls.

Paint Designs vs Wooden Wall Art Designs 

When it comes to geometric accent walls, there are a few different types to choose from. The first thing you’ll have to think about is whether you want a painted print on your wall, or whether you’d prefer a geometric wood wall art display. Think about the size of your space, the style and colors of your home and furnishings, and what you’re trying to achieve. 

If you want the whole wall to be an eye catching feature, or have your heart set on an intricate pattern, a colorful paint design is usually the best option. If you’re just looking to add texture to a room, the uneven surfaces created by geometric wood wall art might be exactly what you need. 

Either way, take a look at our favorite geometric accent wall ideas to help you get inspired! 

Painted Geometric Accent Wall Ideas

Painting an accent wall is one way to create it, but if you’re going for a geometric look, it’s not always the easiest! These tutorials show you how to paint a really effective geometric accent wall that will turn the heads of every visitor. 

DIY Painted Ombre Hexagon Wall

I have had a girl crush on Karianne at “Thistlewood Farms” for years, and this is why. This accent wall is done with geometric wall paint, and that’s it, my friends. She shows you exactly how to create the shape and pattern, and even how to add those cute hexagon shelves that give this look a 3D pop! Love.

hexagon pattern accent wall

Painted Accent Wall Idea

This accent wall from “Crazy Life With Littles” again, uses just paint. We love the trending colors, and the interest the different sizes and shapes makes on this wall. That boring little wall that you never knew what to hang on? This.

accent wall with triangles in various sizes and colors

How to Create a Geometric Wall Design With a Paint Pen

Ok, a $5 paint pen? That’s it? Yep, that’s all it took to make this amazing geometric accent wall from “The Wall Whisperer.” Oh, and this brilliant tutorial to show you just how to make it look this amazing.

geometric painted wall design using a  paint pen

Stamped DIY Geometric Accent Wall 

Vintage Revivals” shows you how to stamp a DIY tribal triangle wall! You could use any color, or even a shape other than a triangle with this method.

stamped triangle pattern wall design

DIY Accent Wall with Geometric Wall Paint 

Geometric wall paint is a game changer – it makes it so easy (and affordable) to create a beautiful geometric wall of any style, design, and color. This tutorial from “Instructables” is a great place to get started if you’re looking for some inspo! 

grey, black, and white geometric wall design

Geometric Wood Wall Art Ideas

If wood feels like the right choice for your geometric wall art project, you’re in the right place! These ideas add an incredible visual element to even the blandest room, with amazing patterning and 3D textures that can bring any space to life. Check them out! 

Geometric Wood Wall Design

This idea shared by “Olive & June” is a perfect example of the power of paint. They used cheap pieces of MDF board to create the geometric lines, and painted it one solid color to make it a cohesive look. That’s it! This looks like a high-end custom builder project, not a simple DIY. This would also look amazing as an accent wall in a master bedroom.

green 3d geometric wall design

Board & Batten Accent Wall Idea

Here is another modern geometric wall from “Plank and Pillow.” They simply used primed and painted boards to create diagonal lines in various angles. Remember, you could make your wall more subtle by painting it a neutral color like this. Or, you could make it a “wow” accent wall by choosing an eye-catching paint color.

DIY white geometric accent wall idea

DIY Modern Geometric Wood Wall Art

Some wood wall art projects can take over a space, but this modern, minimalist design from “DIY Huntress” does the opposite. The light colors open up the space, and the clean lines bring a modern touch that would work amazingly in a bedroom or living room. Love how this turned out! 

White geometric accent wall

DIY Geometric Accent Wood Wall 

I love his beautiful design from “Hana’s Happy Home.” She combines 3D wood paneling with a bold paint color to create the perfect geometric accent wall. Many of the geometric wood wall art designs we’ve covered are white, or lighter in color, but this one takes things in the opposite direction and it sure makes a statement! 

dark colored geometric accent wall with layered block shapes

DIY Geometric Wall Design for Bathroom

Looking for a simple wall project to elevate your bathroom? This gorgeous 3D geometric accent wall, also from “Hana’s Happy Home,” shows that even a small accent wall can have a big impact. Love this tutorial – it has all the details you need and focuses on the most important part of this project: planning! 

overlapping square pattern wall design

Other Geometric Accent Wall Ideas 

Looking for something a bit more left-field? We’ve got covered there as well! These unique ideas can be easily customized to suit your space, just use your imagination! 

DIY Geometric Wall Art With Doilies 

Every once in a while, we update posts to add fresh and new projects. Even after updating this one, we just had to leave this DIY geometric accent wall idea in, even though it is quite a few years old. It’s just too brilliant! Actress Tori Spelling shows us how she created her paper doily entry wall in her own home using spray paint! Love all the color and that it has a graphic look, with a little softness close up. From “Redbook.”

accent wall design made with doilies

Striped Washi Tape Geometric Accent Wall 

This project is an easy DIY from “Ann Kelle.” She created a colorful washi tape wall! Washi tape is a type of Japanese masking tape found in lots of colors and patterns, and can be found at lots of craft and home improvement stores now. I think I would try this on a small accent wall… my arms would ache! I think this one is a great idea for a kid’s room- it’s a project they can help with too! Since washi tape can be easily peeled off, it’s also renter-friendly!

striped washi tape wall

Hand-Painted Geometric Accent Wall 

Sometimes, all you need is a paintbrush and a dream! This simple but adorable geometric wall design from “Sugar and Cloth” is a great, minimalist option for brightening up a guest bedroom, kid’s bedroom, or other fun space in your home. 

small yellow painted stripe blocks wall design

Plywood Geometric Accent Wall

Most wood-based geometric accent walls are painted over, using the wood just to create the 3D effect. This plywood geometric wall design goes in the opposite direction, using the wood’s natural features as the main centerpiece. Love how this tutorial from “Reality Daydream” turned out! 

wall pattern made with plywood cutouts

Geometric Wall Art with Decals 

Don’t feel like painting your walls or trying a geometric wood wall art project? These decals might be just the pop of color you’re looking for. Available from Etsy, they’re available in a range of sizes, and come in different color palates to ensure they’re not mismatched, but suit any space. Modern, fun, and temporary – who says you can’t have it all?! 

half circle wall decals in orange and peach colors

DIY Washi Tape Wall Pattern

At ‘Everything Emily’, she used washi tape from the craft store to create a pattern out of small plus signs. Think how many different ideas you could use this idea for! This post is no longer published, but we decided it needed to stay in the post for inspiration.

plus pattern on wall made with black Washi tape

Liven Up Any Space with a Geometric Wall Design

So that should get you started on your dream home, one geometric accent wall at a time! You’ve seen these walls in custom homes, now you know how easy it can be to have one (or four!) in your own place. We think you will also love our posts on DIY Wood Wall Art Projects, Easy DIY Sharpie Art Ideas and  Cheap & Easy DIY Wall Decor Ideas over at TBD!

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