DIY Dresser Makeovers with Impact

We all know that a little sanding and a good paint job can transform those thrift store and yard sale dressers, and make them respectable. But we wanted to find you some dresser ideas that take it a little farther, from “fine” to “wow!”. And they are out there… we know, because we went searching for some DIY dresser makeovers with impact… those projects that are just a little bit different, or done in a way that shows real attention to detail. These projects make it hard to believe they were ever those broken down throwaway old dressers picked up for a song. And now they are furniture pieces with impact, that will gain nothing but “oooohhhh’s” and “wow!!!’s” from anyone and everyone. Oh, and the best part? You can do these! So let’s check out these DIY dresser makeovers, and get to making some “wow”!



DIY Dresser Ideas & Makeovers


Our first DIY dresser idea sure has the “wow” factor. Nancy from ‘Sea Rose Cottage‘ created a tutorial for her painted subway car dresser, and it rocks folks. This could be made into a train car just as easily. Done with chalk paint, this dresser is also for sale benefitting a Boston charity. Big hearts out to Nancy for not only creating such a terrific piece, but doing it for a cause!

Dresser makeovers-10


Cat from ‘Pocketful of Posies‘ pays real attention to detail, and it makes her projects stand out. Learn the secret to perfectly striped drawers in this dresser makeover. This takes this project to a whole ‘nother place! And that coral color!


DIY Dresser Makeovers - Striped Drawers


Shelly from ‘100 Things 2 Do‘ took a $10 dresser and turned it into this amazing piece of art. This clock dresser is an amazing piece, and she drew the clock face on with a Sharpie folks. Yep. Really. Inspiring ideas on how to redo a dresser! Be sure to click through and check out what this dresser looked like “before”…

Dresser makeovers-2


This DIY mirrored nightstand adds a bit of elegance to a room, I would love to see this technique used on a bathroom vanity! From ‘Mrs Hines Class‘. Make sure to check out her book at her site, and all her other great DIY projects!

Dresser makeovers-3


Cindy at ‘DIY Beautify‘ made this DIY chevron striped nightstand for a little girls room. This is so cute, and I love the detail in the stripes. Oh, and she has a genius tip for easily creating the chevron stripe shape… (Hint: It’s the type of tape she used!) This DIY dresser project is a lot easier than it looks, her little one helped! Great project with a fun look.

Dresser makeovers-4

Dresser makeovers-5


So this suitcase DIY dresser from ‘On My Creative Side‘ is just that, amazingly creative. And get this, there are no actual suitcases used here, she used fabric to create drawer fronts that look just like suitcases! She took the time to do an incredibly detailed tutorial for this really cool project. If someone tries this, please share in comments… this is exactly what we meant by impact!

Dresser makeovers-6


Jennifer at ‘Rambling Renovators‘ turned an old dresser into this DIY costume closet for her daughter Chloe. This is a fun, fresh project that any child will love. Don’t just think of this for costumes, either. This would add great closet space whereever one might need it.

Dresser makeovers-7


This dramatic 2 day furniture makeover from ‘BHG‘ showcases how easy it is to repurpose an old dresser piece. This was turned into a shoe and accessory storage piece with just a few changes. Removing a door and adding shelves, then using wood dowels to create custom shoe racks makes this a one of a kind DIY dresser piece.

Dresser makeovers-8


Ok, isn’t this fun? Learn how to paint a dresser with numbers with KariAnne from ‘Thistlewood Farm‘. The contrast with the red paint on white makes this pop with a modern flavor. Love it!

Dresser makeovers-9


Our last one is from ‘This Old House‘ and may be the most ingenious use of an old dresser yet. They installed it into the wall to create a built in! Perfect for a small home, right? Ok, I would have used one of the awesome finishes we’ve seen so far to dress it up a bit. But really, could this be more clever? Step by step tutorial for this dresser idea!

Dresser makeovers-11

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Image Credits: Pocketfull of Posies, Sea Rose Cottage, Pocketful Of Posies, 100 Things 2 Do, Mrs Hines Class, DIY Beautify, On My Creative Side, Rambling Renovators, BHG, Thistlewood Farm, This Old House
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