DIY Desk Plans & Ideas

Need a desk? Well instead of spending big bucks running to the local office supply store, build a DIY desk! Having a desk at home makes it a whole lot easier to do homework, pay bills, or run a home business. You can use a DIY desk as a craft table, an office desk, or even build a wall mounted desk for small spaces! We have all the DIY desk plans & ideas you will ever need right here. And don’t worry, most of these are fast, cheap and easy. And a few are works of art! All of them can be done by any DIY’er, so let’s get to it!



DIY Desk Plans & Ideas


DIY Desk Plans & Ideas

Easy & Cheap DIY Desks

Love this simple and cheap DIY desk from ‘Shift Interiors‘. Simply a desktop placed across two filing cabinets. You get a desk with storage, too! Ikea has some amazing low cost desktops, or you can use an interior slab door as well. Plywood sheets work well for this too, as long as they are 3/4inch so that they are sturdy enough. Nothing about this DIY looks cheap though!


So, you might think we’re crazy for including this AWESOME DIY desk in the “easy” category. I know, it looks delicate, intricate, and you are right now thinking “there is no freakin’ way”, right? But this desk is easy. And Jenna at ‘Rain on a Tin Roof‘ walks you through it with such simple directions, you just can’t get this wrong! Yes, it will take a little time. But Jenna has already worked it all out for you, all you have to do is follow instructions. And isn’t this the prettiest desk? You gotta have it, right?


L-Shaped DIY Desks

We love this L-shaped DIY desk by ‘Hey Wanderer‘. This is actually two desks side by side, and together they make an incredible work space. Steve and I will be looking at making this easy DIY desk for our new home office in Palm Springs… Especially since we will be sharing an office there in our “downsizing” home! It’s a seriously easy desk plan too… Simply hairpin legs (we love that!!!) and plywood. Easy to follow tutorial.


Want to have the prettiest desk on the block? Then build this L-shaped DIY Desk from ‘Handmade Haven‘! Their plans for this desk are easy to follow. You just need some lumber and some simple power tools. So. Freaking. Awesome! This is another one that you could put two side by side and create a larger desk.


DIY Wall Mounted Desks

So let’s start off with one of our favorite DIY wall mounted desks… This live edge desk from ‘The Merry Thought‘. Oh me, oh my. Awesome. Need we say more?


Learn how to build this space saving wall mounted DIY desk from ‘HGTV‘. And there is a video tutorial too, just to make sure you understand how easy this is! This would be a perfect foldable desk for a child’s room.


Seriously, how could you not love this DIY wall mounted desk made from a pallet? From ‘Empathy Encompassed‘, this is a great up -cycled project with simple instructions.


DIY Computer & Office Desks

Build this easy to make DIY Farmhouse style desk from ‘Honey Bear Lane‘ and use it for a homework station or a home office! This desk has great style, but is an easy DIY. We love how large it is for more than one user. Go check out the close up photos of this amazing desk, and the well styled office space.


This built in computer desk DIY is from ‘A Beautiful Mess‘. This is a clever way to make sure you or your child has a space to place their laptop when work needs to get done. This DIY desk takes up very little space, and is the perfect size for computer work. I might like a brighter color palette, but this rich tone might be perfect for you! Either way, amazing tutorial that is easy to follow.


From ‘The Handyman’s Daughter’, this large industrial style DIY computer desk would be perfect for a large office, or a large family! This would be great for homeschooling families, or families with kids who craft and do artwork together. And it’s easy to build, despite it’s size!


DIY Desks for Small Spaces

From ‘Grillo Designs‘, this DIY desk was just made for small spaces! Perfect for fitting into little alcoves and niches, you can make a desk space anywhere with this super simple tutorial. No more homework excuses!


We can’t get enough of hairpin legs ourselves, so this plywood DIY desk from ‘Erin Spain‘ screams style to us! Great for kids or just to slip into a tiny spot, it looks high end, but doesn’t cost a fortune to make. Oh, and those front panels? Amazing, and you have to go find out the secret to how she attached them…

So are you ready to take these DIY desk plans & ideas and create a new office or creative space? BTW, my own desk is a DIY, we made it out of a pine top with clear matte sealant and Ikea rolling legs. Still using it and loving it after 6 years! Now that you have picked out which desk you want to build, jump on over to our post on DIY Desk Organizing! Also check out our post on DIY Standing Desk Plans over at TBD!

Image Credits: Handmade Haven, Shift Interiors, Rain on a Tin Roof, Hey Wanderer, The Merry Thought, HGTV, Empathy Encompassed, Honey Bear Lane, A Beautiful Mess, The Handyman's Daughter, Grillo Designs, Erin Spain
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  1. Adam
    October 11, 2019 / 4:12 pm

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful desks, specially the ‘Hand made heaven’.
    I recently visited a furniture store and found a similar type of product, but i wanted to make it myself. I am really excited to start making.

  2. Judy
    January 4, 2019 / 9:14 pm

    The desk from Jenna, ‘Rain On A Tin Roof’, caught my attention! I love her version of the classic Chippendale, it’s fun, clean-lined and just a bit sassy. I hopped over to her blog and found her tutorial easy to understand, detailed and I’ve decided I need one. I think this desk can accommodate most any decor style, the options for finishes are endless! Thanks for sharing.
    By the way, I’m excited about the new additions you’ve got in store for your blog and the layout is great. I’m somewhat puzzled by the name change, but hey, it’s your blog and one worth following! Wishing you all the best!

    • Kathy Bates
      January 16, 2019 / 5:51 pm

      Thanks so much Judy! We loved that one too!

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