18 Brilliant Bathroom Towel Storage Ideas

All bathrooms have one thing in common…they all need more storage. Chances are, any cabinet space you do have is where you store your day to day personal items… you know, the clutter that you can’t live without?  So it doesn’t leave a lot of space to store your towels. No worries, we found some brilliant bathroom towel storage ideas that anyone can make!  Whether you need creative ideas on how to store towels in a tiny bath, or simply a fresh way to display your towels, all these projects will have your bathroom looking chic and feeling organized!




DIY Towel Storage Ideas

We are in love with this ladder bathroom towel storage from ‘Sarah Sherman Samuel‘. She has complete plans on how to make this fresh bathroom organizer, and any beginner can take this on. It would be the perfect fit in a modern farmhouse or a Boho chic styled bath! Rustic, and modern!


If you want your bathroom towel storage to have a bit more of an industrial and masculine vibe, then try making this black pipe towel hanger from ‘A Darling Design‘.


This sophisticated towel storage idea could not be more simple to make, but looks so expensive! From ‘Cuckoo 4 Design‘, this easy to follow tutorial shows you how to make this hand towel ring that is definitely one of a kind. And easy!


Learn how to make this cool angled bathroom towel storage rack with these instructions from ‘DIY Network‘. You could potentially make this as large or small as you needed to.

10 Brilliant Bathroom Towel Storage Ideas


Remington Avenue‘ shows us how to make this towel hanger that is pretty and sturdy. She knows, because she’s had enough of those cheap builder racks torn off the wall by energetic kids! This was made with just scrap wood and a few hooks.


This freestanding towel rack is even on wheels! We love how this can be used indoors, or even at the pool. Complete tutorial from ‘Hazel & Gold’ via ‘Jen Woodhouse‘.


Want a creative bathroom towel storage idea? Try this DIY from ‘Green with Decor‘. She made an old wooden spool into a charming conversation piece, as well as a towel ring!


Why Don’t You Make Me‘ created this leather strap towel hanger with just a few key rings, wood dowels and leather straps. Lots of step by step instructions for this really unique rack.


Taryn Whiteaker‘ built this bathroom towel storage organizer that also has a shelf for more towels on top. You know, for when the kids have pulled all the clean towels off the hooks to the floor? Full tutorial with step by step photos.


Finally, this towel storage idea is a great way to repurpose old vintage items. Use an old wood tool box hung from some coat hooks. Make sure the hangers are heavy duty and properly secured to a wall stud or use a wall anchor. Photo by ‘BHG‘.

Tool box towel storage

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Note : This post has been freshened with updated projects.

Image Credits: Sarah Sherman Samuel, A Darling Design, Cuckoo 4 Design, DIY Network, Remington Avenue, Jen Woodhouse, Green with Decor, Why Don't You Make Me, Taryn Whiteaker
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    Oooh!very beautiful.I love the colours and the arrangements.Awesome.keep up the good work.

  2. Verinica Laurel
    December 4, 2014 / 9:28 am

    Thank you for sharing your creative ideas made simple! We have a large home, and live in the country. Its hard to run back and forth so improvising is what I like , to think out of the box. Love your creativity! Keep up the good work!


  3. katy
    September 30, 2014 / 7:08 pm

    I know this may sound disgusting, but hear me out – bed pans! Yes, that’s what I said. I bought vintage/antique, white (enameled ?) bedpans that I found on etsy and anchored them to my bathroom walls. I originally just had one propped in a corner holding magazines, but somehow the idea of two or more attached to the wall for extra storage came barreling out at me. Just to be sure, I boiled and cleaned with bleach every single one and once satisfied, put them up. They’re fantastic, quirky and and spectacular conversation pieces if any of my guests actually realize what they are (once they are hung up), I think people don’t connect the dots because really? Who is going to pay much attention – no one I know equates bed pans with wall mounted storage units? They are hiding in plain sight – genius!!!

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    I too love your site. Your choices are eclectic and clean looking. Thank you for taking the time.

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    I really like your site! Thanks for all the great ideas and inspiration. I really like the green and mint color in the bathroom. I’ve been looking for a new fresh color!

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