2014 Color of the Year – Ready for Radiant?

So this year Pantone (THE authority on anything related to color…clothes, cosmetics, home design…) has crowned Radiant Orchid as it’s 2014 color of the year. Crowned may be a bit of a played on words, because when it comes to color, purples are seen as “regal”. Radiant Orchid, however, has a twist to it I really kinda love. It’s warm and friendly, yet elegant and distinguished. A little purple, and little pink…Dress it up or dress it down, it can be used to change the whole feel of a room. I am a color lover, and the last few years, I think Pantone has gotten it right in giving home decorators inspiration, and yes, a little courage to try something a little new. (Ok, last year was emerald green… they didn’t hit that one on the head for many people…) How much does Pantone influence the home decor world? Still seeing turquoise accents everywhere? That, my friends, is from 2010 and still going strong. So take a page from my book… no, you long term readers know I don’t give into trends just for the sake of trends… but there is nothing wrong with taking notes… And using this color to spice up your decor is a definite do! How do you use such a bold color? To your taste, of course… but make sure you are not holding back out of fear, jump in the orchid pool folks! Here’s how…




Try adding orchid in small bites, especially of you are a little fearful of bold color. Pillows, glassware, decorate accents and embellishments on towels, shower curtains, or drapes are also terrific no commitment options.

radiant orchid


Create DIY wall art with the color orchid…frame fabric or paper, or find art that uses the color predominantly.

Or use it in a toned down form…



Use it in a small area such as a powder room…or an entry wall.


Go bold. It’s just paint after all! Paint a focal wall this gorgeous color. Remember a color this rich will likely need several coats. When your other half panics, remind them that it is just paint…which is always temporary… Then add lots of neutrals and texture to the room to balance it out, with just a few pops here and there to pull the color through. But you HAVE to try this color! (BTW, the above color is “Dynamo” by Sherwin Williams!)

Image Credits: Pantone, She Knows, always unusual designs, House Beautiful, Sherwin Williams



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