10 Quick Bathroom Repairs You Can Do Yourself!

Nothing is more annoying than having something broken in the bathroom. After all, this is where you get ready for your day, bathe your kids, or relax at the end of a long week. Oh yea, and having to call in a repair person can be expensive! The good news is that you can DIY a lot of bathroom repairs. Ok, I’m not suggesting you replace a toilet, or install a new ventilation fan here. But the every day stuff? You know, the leaks, the wear and tear breaks, the annoyances? We got this. And yes, that means so do you!



Ok, here’s an easy bathroom repair. From ‘Apartment Therapy‘, learn how to replace a shower head. Whether your shower head is too clogged with hard water deposits, you need to change over to a low flow version, or it’s just time to upgrade, you can even do this repair if you are a renter! (Just be sure to save the old shower head to put back when you move out!)

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Ok, the number one fix in a bathroom? Learn how to fix a leaky faucet from ‘Family Handyman‘. They cover several different types of faucets, and this is not something that’s hard to do. Stop listening to that drip in the middle of the night!

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Here is one of the most common bathroom repairs that is sooo good to learn.  ‘Apartment Therapy‘ comes to the rescue once again… with this tutorial on how to fix a running toilet with lots of step by step photos. Also, there can be more than one cause for a leaking toilet, so make sure you read through the whole post. I’ve fixed my share of running toilets, I know this can be done by any beginning DIYer! ‘Remodelando la Casa‘ also has a tutorial on fixing a running toilet that is totally worth taking a look at.

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Our next photo is from ‘Lowes‘ teaching us how to replace a broken ceramic tile. Does everyone realize how much those cracked tiles make your bathroom look shabby? Easy fix!

Quick Bathroom Repairs for the DIYer


Family Handyman‘ has a quick tutorial on the parts of a toilet, and addresses several common repairs too. These diagrams really help when trying to look at a new project… After all, how do you know what a “flapper” is, until you see one? This actually is one of the most common bathroom repairs there is, so you should learn it!

Quick Bathroom Repairs for the DIYer


If you decide it’s time to recaulk, you may have to do some maintenance first. Learn how to remove caulk in 6 easy steps from ‘Popular Mechanics‘.

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So now that that’s done, learn how to professionally regrout a tile bath or shower, from ‘NATCO‘. This repair and the previous bathroom repair are so great to learn how to do.

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Ashley at ‘Domestic Imperfection‘ shows us how to refinish outdated tile, with paint! Yep, paint. And BTW, she has an update for all you naysayers on how it was holding up a year later.

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Jen at ‘The Suburban Mom‘ has a great fix for getting rid of that toilet ring. I need to say, I’ve used a similar product and technique, and it really works! This is really important if you live in a hard water area, as the bowl will never look clean with that ring.

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Ok, so this last one I actually need right about now. ‘This Old House‘ shows us how to save a soggy shower wall. Whether water has been sneaking past that crumbling grout (see above, replace that grout!) or like my situation, the tile was not high enough to protect from the shower head spray, a soggy wall can be disaster if you let it go. Great tutorial on how to fix it, without having to retile the whole wall!

Quick Bathroom Repairs 12


So now that you have these easy bathroom repairs down, we think you will want to pop on over to our post on Boost Your Homes Value with These DIY Projects and Tiny Bath Makeovers!

Image Credits: Lowes, Apartment Therapy, Family Handyman, Apartment Therapy, Popular Mechanics, NATCO, Domestic Imperfection, Suburban Mom, This Old House
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