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Next to your walls, the floor covers more square footage than any other place in your room. (Other than the ceiling, of course!) So paying attention to renewing your floors can make a huge difference in your decor. One of the biggest issues a small house can have are mismatched floors between rooms causing a disjointed look. Flooring that flows from room to room can visually expand the space. But let’s face it, paying a contractor to replace all your flooring can be as expensive as your kid’s first year in college! Try these DIY flooring ideas in one room, or in your whole house to make a personal stamp, save bucks, and refresh your space!





DIY Floors

DIY Wood Floors

Our first project is from ‘Design Sponge‘ by ‘Cartolina’ is an end grain block wood flooring project. This is a project that uses slices of lumber placed grain side up, which makes for a really interesting texture. The bottom photo from ‘Ottesjo‘, is another variation of the same technique with a dark stain



DIY Floors


These DIY wood floors by Gina from ‘Shabby Creek Cottage‘ replaced the flooring in her whole home, room by room. Using 1×8 pine planks, they have a complete tutorial with photos. LOVE!



Little Green Notebook‘ made these wide plank DIY floors, from plywood! Jenny has a tutorial with all the step by steps on how she did it, including her finishing techniques. I love the way this project turned out, I wonder how it might look with a darker wash as a finish?



Mandi from ‘Vintage Revivals‘ created this geometric wood DIY floor idea for a trailer remodel, but there is no reason you can’t use it in your home. This project would be best for a small space, as it is more intricate, but that’s the charm of it! Just in case you’re interested, this is from a series where they DIY remodeled a 1972 travel trailer… ever thought of picking one up for the fam, but couldn’t stand the outdated decor? Check out her series!

DIY Floors


How to Paint Floors

From the founders of decorating bloggers, ‘Young House Love‘, learn to stencil a DIY floor! The amazing detail that makes this floor… well, amazing? It’s done right on the plywood subfloor! They simply pulled up the carpet, and painted the floor. Voila! Charm!







Got a worn out wood floor? Paint it! ‘Effortless Style‘ did this painted DIY floor idea for less than $50. Love the color, it takes this kitchen from nice, to awesome! Check out the tutorial.

diy floors-24


These blue DIY floors from ‘Design Sponge‘ are pretty cool, because each plank is a variation of color. Not having the whole floor the same shade of blue makes it way more interesting.  Check out how they did it!



Carrie from ‘Lovely Etc.‘ did another version of a stenciled DIY floor on plywood subfloor. She takes you through the whole project, right down to exactly what paint products she used. So much better than stained carpeting!



More DIY Floor Ideas

Door Sixteen‘ did a project using black matte tile. Normally, people who live in small homes are told to always use light colors. I disagree! Using a dark color on the floor, especially in a small room like a bath can make the room feel grounded. Visually, a dark floor also appears to fade away, especially at night. Surprisingly, they tell us this floor does NOT show water spots, dirt, etc… Perfect!

diy floors-28


You know those amazing pebble floors you see in bathrooms of really expensive “Parade of Homes” type houses? Well ‘Something from Nothing‘ made their own for their shower floor, DIY! There is no reason you could not use this somewhere other than a shower… Really creative project!


So now that you have some projects to get started on with DIY floor ideas, think about other places in the home you can update! Try our posts on How to Reupholster Anything, and Tiny Bath Makeovers!

Image Credits: Design Sponge, Ottesjo, Shabby Creek Cottage, Little Green Notebook, DIY Floors, Young House Love, Effortless Style, Design Sponge, Lovely Etc., Door Sixteen, Something from Nothing

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  1. Kathy Gruszecki
    August 27, 2016 / 6:22 pm

    Is there a tutorial or any instructions out there for installing the “grain-side-up 2 x 4” flooring? I think I’d like to tackle it, but have done anything like this before. Anyone?

    • Diane
      October 31, 2016 / 8:32 pm

      I’m almost finished this project. What would you like to know?

      • Shela
        February 17, 2017 / 1:21 pm

        Everything, lol. I’ve heard this doesn’t hold up if using regular ol pine 2x4s, that a hardwood is needed. What’s your thoughts?

  2. August 29, 2015 / 7:50 am

    These are very inspiring floors. Thanks for featuring our pebble shower. Still looks and feels great.

    • Kathy Woodard
      September 17, 2015 / 10:22 am

      We are seeing pebble showers in all the Parade of Homes… so it was great that you have such a DIY project for it! Thanks for sharing with everyone!

  3. April 15, 2015 / 6:45 pm

    Those are some seriously talented people. I love the different blue planked floor.

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