Best Smart Compact Home Gym Equipment for Hi-Tech Home Fitness

One of the things a lot of us have discovered is that a lot of things are better done at home. Work, spending time with our kids, and even working out. If the idea of home fitness has grabbed on to you, or you want to start something healthy, then bravo. Nothing is better for both your physical and your mental health than exercise. Honestly, I have never been able to stick with a set of free weights and a jump rope. I get bored way too quickly. I heard somewhere the other day that there will be more tech advances in the next 10 years than there have been in the last 100. Time to jump on board, don’t you think? We do, which is why we went out and researched some of the best smart compact home gym equipment to get you to that healthy place, while staying in your healthiest place. Your own home. An investment in your health and fitness is always worth it, as long as you use it. And these smart gyms are so diverse in the types of workouts, it’s like having a personal trainer at your fingertips. Yep, that means at 6am after feeding the baby, or at 11 after a long day working at your desk. So let’s check out the best option for home fitness!




Best Compact Home Gyms

Tempo Home Gym

So the Tempo home gym is truly like having a trainer with you. Why? Because not only does it offer every type of class you might need, it actually captures your form on screen, and tells you not only whether you are doing a movement right, but how to get it right. It keeps records of your performance and automatically tells you when its time to move up. It even counts your reps. Check out all the 5 star reviews! |  Check Out Tempo


Hydrow Rower

The Hydrow rowing machine is perfect for those of you who want to feel like you are doing a sport out on the water. It’s engineered to feel exactly like the river, and even has an HD touch screen bringing the water from around the world right into your living room. And if you need a compact home gym, this one can be stored upright to save space. Financing starts at $63 a month.  |  Check Out the Hydro Rower


Tonal Home Gym

Tonal home gym is the perfect strength training partner. They call it the world’s most intelligent home gym and trainer, and they may have something here. A.I. adjusts to your strength and adapts the weight used in each exercise to your fitness level.  You can lift up to 200 pounds with their patented digital weight system. You don’t have to be an experienced gym rat either… they have programs and trainers for every fitness level. A very compact home gym choice, as well.  |  Check Out the Tonal Home Gym


NordicTrack Elliptical

NordicTrack elliptical, treadmill, recumbent bike and rower are made by a company with a long established record of quality. Most of their home gym equipment comes with a one year subscription to iFit, their interactive, trainer led classes. Personally, we have our eye on the recumbent bike series. Or, the ellipticals. Depends who wins, me or Steve. 😉 And, NordicTrack has no interest financing with a 30 day return policy!  |  Check Out NordicTrack


myxfitness Bike

The myxfitness bike is the ultimate exercise bike. Used in elite cycling studios, this is quality equipment.  They personalize heart rate based training across three zones, a more efficient way to get fit. And this smart space saving home gym doesn’t just do bike rides. You can do a whole body workout with their science based workouts. And the A.I. technology learns with time, recommending better and better workouts. And yes, they finance!  |  Check Out the myxfitness Bike


Echelon Reflect

Echelon makes the Reflect, the Echelon treadmill, and the Echelon bike. The Echelon Reflect is one of the most compact home gyms we’ve featured, mounting flush against any wall. The touchscreen fitness mirror home gym allows you to connect with live sessions with the trainer of your choice. Everything from stretching to boxing to yoga, strength training… even meditation! All their equipment comes with a 30 day return policy, a one year warranty, and no down financing.  |  Check Out the Echelon Reflect


Bowflex Revolution Home Gym

We saved the biggie for last. Bowflex makes the Revolution Home Gym, the Bowflex M7 Max Trainer, the Bowflex TC5000 TreadClimber and the Xtreme 2 Home Gym. You have your choice of home fitness equipment that fits your style and your body. The Max Trainer has won the Men’s Health 2020 Home Gym Award,  (ladies, you can appreciate this too!) and they offer a 6 week buy back policy on all their equipment. Bowflex has been a key player in home gym equipment for over 30 years. And yep, they offer easy financing.  |  Check Out Bowflex

Bowflex Revolution Home Gym

Smart and compact home gym equipment can help you reach your fitness goals faster, in less time and in less space. And seriously, after the year we’ve had, don’t you owe it to yourself and your family to be in your best health? Physically, and mentally? You might want to also check out our post on The Only Weight Loss Solutions You Need If You Are Over 50, and Healthy High Calorie Food Substitutions.

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