DIY Stools Anyone Can Make!

Stools can be great space savers, tucking under furniture when not in use and offering double duty purpose. Whether you need a place to sit, a stand for a plant, or an occasional table for a tight spot, making your own stools is an easy way to stretch the space in any small home. These DIY stools are our top picks around the blogosphere for one of a kind projects that are a perfect fit for any room.


DIY Concrete Stools



Our feature project (above & below) is a $5 bucket stool by ‘Homemade Modern’. Yep, this cool DIY concrete stool that would probably sell for upwards of $150 costs only $5 to make! All you need is a bucket, concrete, some wood dowels and some hardware. Easy tutorial, lots of photos. Great project! Not bad for a homemade stool!


I love this next DIY concrete stool (or table!) by ‘The Paper Mama‘! Made for less than $15, I could see these used outdoors or in… as plant stands, or really cool seating. If you use them indoors on a smooth floor, be sure to attach a felt bottom or other soft material to protect your floors. A bucket, a cardboard tube, and concrete, is all it takes for this cement stool DIY project! Be sure to click through and check out the photos, one option is to use some copper paint, and it looks pretty awesome.



DIY Bar Stools

A Beautiful Mess‘ brings us this modern DIY bar stool from Sarah, who hails from ‘Arrow & Apple’. This is a tall stool with great lines. Made from plywood, if you don’t own a table saw, you can have the home improvement store make the cuts. They give you all the measurements. Good job Josh and Sarah!



From our favorite woodworker, ‘Ana White‘, complete plans for the simplest DIY bar stool ever… If you’re looking for a good, sturdy, basic stool, this is the way to go.



We found plans for this nice looking DIY bar stool on ‘Instructables‘. Love the design of this wood stool. They ended up painting the legs white and then stained the seat a nice dark brown.


DIY Wooden Stools

From ‘Improvised Life’, these stylish stools are made of random wood scraps glued together… I think this tutorial could be more complete, but I also think it’s a doable project for anyone with glue and a creative way to clamp this together… Not sure on the strength, but I love the look! Maybe a better side table? Had to include it though, I love the look of these DIY wooden stools!!!



From ‘Jay’s Custom Creations‘, this DIY pocket hole bar stool has complete instructions, including a how-to video… If you are looking for an easy woodworking project for a more traditional DIY wooden stool, this is a great place to start.



Make this spiral stool from Better Homes… This one takes some woodworking skill, but what a unique project! I guarantee no one else on your block will have these unique DIY wooden stools!



DIY Step Stools

If you’ve ever thought of picking up those cute little stools at Ikea, ‘This Little Street‘ gives a good reason to do it! These painted and wallpapered wooden DIY step stools are so cute and colorful…take a look at her great photos and how she uses the stools… they are such a fresh decorating accent too!



From ‘Beyond the Picket Fence‘, this DIY stool from reclaimed wood is easy, and so cute! These are sturdy wooded stools with real character, and you can custom size them to fit your needs. The tutorial makes it simple, lots of step by step photos for this nifty little DIY step stool.



Creative DIY Stools

OK, so now we’re going to wrap this up with a couple of DIY stools made with materials you never would have thought of! Starting with this first one. Make this awesome DIY stool from a bucket… it’s upholstered! No concrete with this bucket project! From ‘Oh Oh Deco‘…

stool bucket DIY 1


Lastly, from 101 Woonideeen, this (Dutch?) site has this quick DIY stool made from magazines and a belt or strap. It isn’t in English, but there is a translate button in the top right corner of the page… And frankly, it’s pretty straightforward LOL!



Hope you enjoyed this post on DIY stools. We have our eye on one of the DIY bar stool projects above that I think we are going to tackle this weekend! Be sure and check out our post on DIY dining tables. And you might want to check out Gorgeous DIY Bed Frame Ideas & Projects on our sister site TBD!

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