9 Decor Solutions for Naked Walls

Walls a bit… well, naked? Want something different on your walls than the same old stuff? You aren’t alone. I love creativity in decorating, and one of the easiest ways to have unique decor is to hang it on your walls. So here are nine decor solutions for bare walls that anyone can do, and everyone should!




For our feature project, above, View Along the Way had this great idea of using canvas letters nearly the same color as the wall to create her 3d canvas letter wall art. I love using words as wall art (I am a writer, duh…) so this project really struck me.

Use old blueprints or landscape drawings found at antique shops and flea markets. Also check Ebay for these amazing finds! Even more fun if you can find some history behind the plans.



Frame a book open to your favorite passage. Remove the cover and many of the pages to make it easier to mount in the frame. Thrift stores are great for finding books perfect for this!



This fish scale wall art is so funky and cool, and makes such a statement… It was brought to my attention by my oldest daughter, who just made her own version for her and her husbands master bedroom. Ill try to update with photos when I can, but for now, please check out the tutorial on how to make fish scale wall art by Two Thirty Five Designs. Love this!



Love those modular wall panels at high end hotels and lobbies? From the Ground Up has figured out a DIY modular wall using MDF and ingenuity! Check out his photos and how to.



Ok…this. is. cool. Baking cups? Really? This looks so fun, and it is incredibly inventive… plus it covers a large canvas to make quick impact with lots of color! Shavonda at A Home Full of Color has a great tutorial on her baking cup art. I love a fellow blogger that loves the color!



By Chelsea Costa for HGTV, this personalized wall photo mural is easy, and inexpensive! Follow her instructions for every step of this project. My experience with engineering prints (she explains) is that they are best used for photos you want to have an aged appearance too, and I love them black and white.



Hanging plates is nothing new, but how about creating your own patterned plate wall art? Using plain, inexpensive plates, cut a piece of decorative paper to fit inside, leaving a rim of a border, Use spray adhesive to attach the paper to the plate. Voila! Great idea from Midwest Living.



Create a more modern piece of wall art by hanging almost anything in a symmetrical pattern. Either attach it straight to the wall, or to a piece of plywood first.


Create your own DIY wall art and cover your naked walls!

Image Credits: A Home Full of Color, View Along the Way, BHG, Two Thirty Five Designs, From the Ground Up, HGTV, Midwest Living


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