12 Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas Anyone Can Do!

If you love Halloween and really want to celebrate this year, then try going beyond the ordinary costume and mask you buy at the discount store. You can do your own Halloween makeup! With these easy tutorials, it isn’t just for artists. So take your Halloween game up a level, and learn how to master these easy Halloween makeup ideas that even you can do! We chose simple step by steps for beginners, so you don’t have to feel intimidated. Gather your supplies, have plenty of makeup remover wipes handy, and leave plenty of time. Maybe even schedule a little get together before Halloween so you can tryout your new skills!


12 Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas Anyone Can Do!



Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas

Simple Halloween Makeup

These first Halloween makeup tutorials are simple enough for any beginner to give a try! We love the idea of using makeup to create your costume. It’s great for last minute parties or outings where you want to “Wow”, but didn’t think ahead to rent an elaborate costume. (Or plain and simple, didn’t want to spend the money on it!) When your face makeup does all the heavy lifting in your costume, what you wear is much less important. One little tip? Invite a friend over, they can do your makeup, and you can do theirs. It’s always easier to paint on someone else, rather than through a mirror. What are some easy Halloween makeup ideas? We’re glad you asked…

Deer Halloween Makeup Ideas

One of the most popular costumes of the past couple of years has been the deer, doe or Bambi costume. It’s simple to do with makeup and a few props.

Check out this amazing one by ‘Keiko Lynn‘. She tells you exactly what brand and colors of makeup she used, but the most important part is the step by step photos and instructions. You can always substitute for cheap makeup for a one night look.


Kindly Unspoken‘ makes a sweet little deer costume easy with her super simple deer Halloween makeup tutorial. Remember, you can combine several techniques to get a look that’s totally unique to you.


Cat, Lion or Simple Cheetah Halloween Makeup

We love ‘Twist Me Pretty‘ for her hair tutorials, but today she is showing us how to do Halloween cat makeup. She even takes it a step further and turns it into a leopard or cheetah, but you can stop at the cat idea if you choose. The eyelashes and the red lip add in some “sultry”, and we love the coordinating hair bow in the cheetah print.


Giraffe Makeup Tutorial

We are in love with this giraffe makeup from Nicole Renard via ‘Metiza‘. Such an easy Halloween makeup idea and costume! The buns make the little horns, and the rest is makeup and clothes of a warm orange, yellow or brown!


Scary Makeup Ideas

Maybe pretty or cute Halloween makeup isn’t really what you are going for this year… That’s cool, we have some scary suggestions too!

Skulls & Skeletons

Want something scary, but also so freakin’ cool??? Try this skull makeup tutorial from ‘Roxxsaurus‘. Full video leading you through this entire face makeup idea. Dress in black and call it done!


Cool & Creepy Skeleton

If you love this cracked skull makeup idea from ‘Charlotta Eve‘, we know two things about you… First, you love Halloween. Second, you may be just a bit disturbed… 😉 Either way, you can follow her step by step skeleton makeup tutorial to look just, like, this!


Creepy Doll Makeup

Another really popular Halloween costume the last few years has been the creepy dead doll trend. Nail it with this gorgeous Victorian creepy doll makeup from ‘Keiko Lynn‘. We love the tutorials with photos that show every step… it helps to know if you are getting it right as you go!


Pretty Witch Makeup Ideas

Going to a Halloween event as a witch never fails, but if your best color is not green, (my hand is up!) then try a pretty “Glam” Witch! Check out this easy Halloween makeup idea from ‘Makeup Geek‘.


Easy Scary Witch Makeup

Then again, what is a witch without some “ick”? Bring on the green with this witch makeup tutorial by ‘Cosmo‘.

12 Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas Anyone Can Do!


More Halloween Makeup Ideas

Beginner Easy Clown Makeup

Jump on over to ‘Brit + Co.‘ and find out how to achieve this awesome clown makeup. Bright and pretty, and a little bit unsettling all at the same time. Easy to follow video tutorial.


Scary Angel Of Death Makeup

Want a really creepy, Angel of Death look? Then check out this Halloween face makeup by ‘Sokolum 79‘. She used black contact lenes to give her eyes that “dead inside” look, and the makeup tutorial is easy to follow.


Zombie Makeup Ideas

Try the half zombie Halloween makeup tutorial from ‘Mehron‘. Seriously, need we say more?


Easy Mermaid Makeup

If you want to be a goddess from under the sea, no worries. ‘Brit+Co.‘ have an easy technique for you. They use a piece of fishnet to help you create the look of scales. Sparkly false eyelashes and cosmic blue nails make the perfect accents to the look. This is a step by step basic tutorial, easy enough for anyone trying our Halloween makeup for the first time. Suggestions on how to complete the entire mermaid costume as well.

Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas


Scarecrow Makeup Ideas

Want a super simple, great costume idea for procrastinators? Last minute Halloween makeup idea, a scarecrow! You can veer more towards cute or more towards pretty, or even add some scary details. ‘A Braided Blonde‘ has a 10 minute video tutorial for you that will have you out the door looking like you planned it for a month!

Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas

If you are throughly creeped out by these easy Halloween makeup ideas, then our work here is done. 😉 Ready to come back to the here and now? Visit our post on 15 Easy Messy Bun Tutorials!

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