Ten Minute Decorating Ideas!

Whether you are expecting guests, or just want to bring in some quick home decorating updates to your home, ten minute decorating is your solution. Quick and easy ideas for making any room feel fresh and stylish. So here are ten ideas for a ten minute decorating update!



Ten Minute Decorating Ideas

1. Clean the Clutter

If you think cleaning clutter away has nothing to do with decorating, think again. Removing all that visual clutter will allow your decor to shine…sometimes we stop seeing the little pieces of paper, piles of change and old magazines…but our guests sure see it! Take a box, ten minutes, and determination to sweep away the decorating drudge!

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2. Add Color

This is a simple way to change the whole feel of a room in just a short time. Want the room to have more energy? Add warm colors, like orange, yellow or red. Want a calming space? Blues, greens and purples are for you. I. Love. Paint. Don’t be afraid.


3. Rearrange

In a small home, it’s easy to get stuck in a decorating rut…after all, maybe you don’t feel like you have the room to change things around, not that you finally got things to fit. But try it anyway…you may find a solution to a space problem, you didn’t realize existed. Move furniture from one room to another, try everything o the diagonal, put away furniture no one ever sits on or uses for anything more than dropping their backpack on…

4. Lighting Rules!

Most people underestimate how choices in lighting can affect an entire home. Not only is it important to have ares of the home properly, and effectively lit, lighting fixtures are decorative pieces. If you have pendant light over your dining table from 1984… it’s time. Home improvement stores have great stock of simple, updated light fixtures that are easy to install. This is a case where going a little more contemporary can really bring your homes look into this decade, and it doesn’t matter what style the rest of your decor is. Pleated shades are out…drum shades are in.

5. Add Comfort

Pillows and throws are inexpensive and add color, texture and the all important psychological feeling of comfort to a room.  Cozy new bath rugs are awesome. Photo by West Elm.

Ten Minute Decorating Ideas!


6. Storage, storage, storage…

When you live in a small home, that can be your favorite word. But going back to that clutter issue in number #1… Under-bed plastic storage bins are a Godsend. Use them! (For anything!)

7. Make Guests Feel Special

If you have a guest room, or have guest visit, take a little time for the extras. A new comforter and new towels are quick updates, and a new shower curtain can change the look of a guest bath. Go to Target and pick up a selection of sample bath products, and display them in a pretty basket for them to use. Roll towels. Move the puzzle project out for their visit. Add flowers!

8. Speaking of Flowers…

I was going to leave this one for last, becasue I think it’s most important. Nothing makes a room feel more fresh, alive and cared for, no matter what it’s size, than fresh flowers. Use as many as fits your budget. Don’t forget rooms like bathrooms and bedrooms.

9. Clean the Windows

Yes, I really said that. Do the windows! Dirty windows cut back 20% of the natural light coming into a room…and that is a lot. Not to mention, shiny surfaces make a room feel clean, and yes, larger!

10. Focus

If your room lacks a focal point, than it falls flat. Perhaps you need a large piece of DIY wall art that sets the room apart. Try to find something for the eye to rest on that’s attractive, represents your rooms theme, and doesn’t add to a feeling of clutter. Bigger is better here!

Ten minute decorating ideas to a fresher, more updated space! You might also want to check out our post on No Money? Home Decor Ideas that are Free! over at TBD!

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