Quick & Easy No Bake Summer Dessert Recipes

Summer is the best time (next to the holidays) to indulge a little and enjoy life. Part of that means that every once in awhile, you stop counting calories, stop nagging the kids to eat healthy, and you make a delicious summer dessert! And in the heat of the summer, is there anything better than a no bake option? No hot oven to make you wish it was December again. These quick & easy no bake summer dessert recipes can be made for a crowd, for just your family after dinner, for a 4th of July BBQ or as an afternoon treat for the kids in the dog days of summer fun. It’s going to be hard to pick a favorite, but you don’t have to pick just one! And BTW, these delicious desserts don’t have to be just for summer!



Quick & Easy No Bake Summer Dessert Recipes


No Bake Summer Dessert Recipes

Summer Fruit Dessert Recipes

Ok people, let’s start out with an amazing fruit dessert no one could resist! These cheesecake stuffed strawberries look like little clouds of sweet paradise nestled inside a luscious strawberry shell! I mean, seriously! Find this easy summer dessert recipe over at ‘Dinner at the Zoo‘.


So maybe you can guess that strawberries and cheesecake are two of our favorite foods? These strawberry cheesecake bars are fast, easy and no bake. And they are so pretty you could serve them at any party. Find the recipe at ‘Saving Room for Dessert‘.


If you are looking for a summer dessert recipe that looks fancy, but is really simple to make, then try this strawberry mascarpone tart from ‘Powered by Mom‘. She even mentions you could add blueberries to make it a 4th of July dessert recipe as well!


These lemon blueberry parfaits can be whipped up in just minutes, and they look so incredibly summer fresh! Find this super easy dessert recipe at ‘Baking a Moment‘. Gluten free.


The next time we make strawberry shortcake, we are making this easy trifle recipe from ‘I Heart Naptime‘. This has just five simple ingredients!


Frozen & Ice Cream Desserts

No summer dessert menu is complete unless you can serve up a little ice cream, right? But instead of a plain old boring bowl of vanilla, or pulling drumsticks out of a box, let’s try these ice cream dessert recipes, shall we?

Did we say strawberries were our fav? Now we aren’t so sure! It may just be chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream sandwiches. Find this easy summer dessert at ‘Mels Kitchen Cafe‘. Hand these to the kids at the back door, and be sure to save one for yourself!


If you are looking for a special summer dessert recipe that looks complicated but isn’t, try the frozen S’mores hot chocolate from ‘A Turtle’s Life for Me‘. You don’t have to freeze this overnight like some frozen desserts, so you can serve immediately!


No Bake Chocolate Desserts

Got Oreo’s? Good! Then make this perfect summer dessert recipe for kids big and small! Oreo cheesecake parfaits, from ‘Plated Cravings‘.


This no bake chocolate peanut butter dessert will be gone in a flash. I mean, come on! Chocolate and peanut butter in a no bake pie? Find the recipe at ‘Cakes Cottage‘.


If you crave summer S’mores, but not the campfire and the burned fingers, then try this recipe for easy no bake S’more bars from ‘Garden in the Kitchen‘.


Need a S’more summer dessert recipe for a more sophisticated crowd? These no bake mini cheesecake bites are the ticket! Find the recipe at ‘Handle the Heat‘.


This cookie dough dip is a great choice for a dessert buffet or a party. You can make it in 5 minutes flat, and you can store it in the fridge for later too. Serve with graham crackers, or try it with apple or banana slices. Recipe at ‘A Turtle’s Life for Me’.


4th of July Dessert Recipes

Make these 4th of July popsicles with the recipe from ‘Delineate Your Dwelling‘. These layered popsicles will add that patriotic flare to your festivities! Remember, these need to be made the day before so you have plenty of time to freeze the individual layers.


Make this summer berry trifle for a crowd, for your 4th of July dessert! From ‘Once Upon a Chef’.


This summer berry icebox cake is the perfect red, white and blue dessert! It’s super easy to make, but remember to prep it in the morning of your 4th of July party at the latest, because it needs to be refrigerated for at least 4 hours before serving. Recipe at ‘Cakes Cottage‘.

These quick & easy no bake dessert recipes are the perfect treat for warm weather days! We have favorites in every category, you? We think you will also love our posts on DIY Small Kitchen Decorating Ideas and Easy Organized Pantry Ideas! Also, don’t forget to make goodies for your garden friends this summer! Check out how to make hummingbird nectar and feeders over at TGG!

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