12 of the Coolest Palm Springs Mid Century Modern Doors

If you love Palm Springs style, then you might already know about the world famous Mid Century Modern doors! If you don’t, then let us tell you about the coolest front doors on the planet. Palm Springs doors are super Instagrammable for a reason, they are colorful, chic, and oh so freakin’ cool. You must make a visit to this Mecca of MCM!



What is it about the color scheme of green and white on a home? It’s fresh, natural and calming. But this lime green is very MCM, and yet also could be adapted to use on any style front door. Note that the owners have plenty of greenery in the front yard, and that this plays off of the color of the door. And those awesome huge handles are a brushed metal that is echoed on the decorative trim on the front of the home. We love the hanging light on the front porch, instead of the more expected porch lanterns.


This Palm Springs door is a bit simpler, but has just as much impact. A Mid Century Modern front door that is painted a bright pool blue, almost a turquoise. But instead of stopping at the door, they painted the entire area above the door to the eave. This gives the effect of a really tall and impressive front door. Simple metal door handles let the color be the star here.


So this Hollywood glam style front door is stunning and car stopping. It is decorative metal with small vertical transom windows, which is very typical of a Mid Century Modern front door. Notice how the planters on either side of the door are like sculptures that give it “presence”. If you cover up those planters on the photo with your finger, note that the door does not look as glam or as important to the whole exterior of the home.


This is a stunning Palm Springs pink door (no, not that pink door!) that is a little bit Art Deco, a little bit Spanish style, and whole lot of instant chic. While the door itself is simply painted a fuchsia pink, there is an intricate wrought iron gate in front of the door that gives it pattern and texture. Then they simply added some pretty tile to the risers of their front steps to bring attention to the door  and porch. They flanked the door with two oversized wall sconces and got the look!


More green and white Mid Century Modern doors, and it’s such a timeless look. Once again, note the door is flanked with planters and wall sconces to make it the most important part of the home’s exterior. They also added some wood molding around the edge of the door, and painted it to match. We are in love with the asymmetric front walk that leads your eye straight to this Palm Springs door!


Want something a little bolder? Yep, we love bold moves with color as well. They make every car passing by screech to a stop (in a good way!)  by being brave with their front door. This is another green and white color scheme, but with a stronger version of green. Note the white exterior frames the door color.


Another blue Palm Springs door!  The large modern house numbers and vertical handles really make this a great front door. You can find out how to make your own by checking out our post on DIY House Number Signs over at TGG!


And of course no post on Mid Century Modern doors would be complete without including the famous Palm Springs pink door! This is the most Instagrammed door in Palm Springs! An unexpected pretty pink color, raised detail on the door, and a symmetrical styling of bold plants and period wall sconces make this door so stunning they do model photo shoots in front of it! #thatpinkdoor!


This is one of our favorite Palm Springs doors. The blue glass is actually a front gate leading to a covered walk and courtyard, and then the main front door is a bright and complementary yellow. You can only see a hint of it from the street, but that’s all it takes to add real style.


A two tone Mid Century front door is accented by some funky blue art. They painted it the same color as the trim. Notice once again, those large modern house numbers.


There is no hue better for a color pop than tangerine orange. This is such an iconic Mid Century Modern front door. The handle has that MCM shape, the color is spot on, and the white exterior body makes everything pop. (That Palm Springs blue sky doesn’t hurt either!)


Not one to take itself too seriously, this Palm Springs door is cheeky and whimsical. Called “The Lion House”, the pool floats change with the season or the owners whim. It is lit at night with a neon bright color. What could be a stodgy traditional front porch is now fantastically fun, and says so much about who lives there. Don’t be afraid to make your own house instantly instagrammable by getting in some PS style!

Now that these Mid Century Modern doors have gotten you excited about Palm Springs style, go check out our other posts on 15 Swanky Midcentury Modern DIY Decor & DIY Projects and  Fresh & Colorful Front Doors. And if you get a chance to go visit Palm Springs (and you should!) then you are going to need our on posts on the Palm Springs Tramway, and the Best Hikes in Joshua Tree! Also check out How to Build a Barn Door over at TBD!

And of course we had to do the obligatory photo in front of the famous Palm Springs pink door! #thatpinkdoor

12 Of The Coolest Palm Springs Mid Century Modern Doors

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  1. Debby
    November 28, 2023 / 7:19 pm

    Hi! Was just in Palm Springs & toured this area where all the cool MCM homes with the amazing doors are. Fell in love with so many of the homes & their doors. A must see if you love MCM homes.

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