Decorating with White!

One of the most common tricks to decorating a small space is to use lot’s of white. But isn’t a white space kind of boring and cold? Nope… and here’s how to decorate with white, right!

  • Realize all whites are not the same. While it’s fine to combine whites, make sure they are on the same temperature scale… in other words, yellow based whites are warm, blue based whites are cool.
  • White has the ability to make a room fresh and cozy all at the same time. How do you make white cozy? Use lots of soft fabric for comfort, add touches of living plants and lowers, and use warm woods throughout the room.

white decorating bedroom



  • Texture is important in any monochromatic room, so add it! Use wooly throws, wood blinds, textured rugs and subtle tone on tone patterns to add texture.
  • When in doubt, try adding another neutral to give depth to the space. Grays and black are great for cool whites, while beige and browns work well for warmer whites.
  • Use mirrors to add depth to a white room.
  • Don’t fear white fabrics. Although on the surface it may seem scary to have anything you sit on in white, remember you can use bleach, or a product like Oxi Clean to make them look fresh. White can actually be easier to keep clean looking than a colored fabric. (You can’t bleach blue!) Just make sure you use slipcovers and removable pillow covers.

So here is plenty of inspiration to help you see that decorating with white is anything BUT boring!








Try decorating with white! Create airy, dreamy rooms in your small space!

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