Brighten Up Your Bedroom with a Global Twist

It’s time to treat yourself to a new bedroom, but where do you begin? How about looking at things from a different perspective and taking inspiration from countries around the world as an interesting theme.

global style



Italian Suite

If you want to combine exposed brickwork, woods and decadent interior designs, then an Italian room is the one for you. Think cherubs, Michael Angelo prints and lavish curtains. Add an extravagant four poster bed, drowning with yards of luxurious material and masses of pillows. You can use a little Tuscan style, or a lot… We love this bedroom for it’s accessibility to the average decorator. Fabric, warm Tuscan colors, and little details of Old World like the iron rings on the bed curtains.

Tuscan bedroom


Spanish Style

A Spanish themed bedroom would work well with if you want something a little less flamboyant. Think about combining earthy tones, and wood based materials. A grand bed, in study dark oak combined with a decorative thatched ceiling. Add a heavy, majestic throw-over. Add mosaic tiles around the head of the bed, to make a small but prominent feature without being too ostentatious.

Spanish bedroom


French Boudoir

Make your bedroom your romantic haven with a statement bed. French-style beds bring to mind intricate designs in carved wood, or sumptuous cushioned fabrics, upholstered in bold and dramatic gold silks or satins. The French Bedroom Company has a magnificent collection of beautiful, classic furniture. As your bed will be the dominant feature of the room, you don’t need to go overboard on the other elements. You can complement the bed with a simple chandelier, and open up the floorboards, painting them white and adding a meticulously carved, mirrored dressing table.

French bedroom


Quaint English Cottage

Turn your bedroom into an English cottage with wicker baskets and giant terracotta vases laden with sunflowers. Get creative re-covering cushions and quilts in a cute, comfortable fabric that enhances the bedroom’s homely hues.

If chintz doesn’t appeal to you, update the look enhancing it with blocks of colors. Use a beautiful rose wallpaper to make a border along the center of the walls. This will break up the space nicely, and if you paint the bottom section of the room in a pink or ivory shade it can add depth and warmth to your bedroom.

English Cottage Bedroom

You could even take inspiration from several countries, picking and choosing which elements you find would be personal to your tastes. Maybe create some Tuscan hand-painted plates as wall decorations? Or thread the delicacy and romance of 18th Century France into some hand-painted chest of drawers. But remember, if you are going to mix and match, try to abide by the old rule that less is more.

Using Global style in the bedroom, creates a warm, personal space. It’s not always about making a space look larger…sometimes it’s about making the space you have, live large!

Article by Vickie Shackleton

Image Credits: BHG


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